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low-Cristales-IMG_0262 There is a fairly widespread belief that crystals themselves have beneficial effects capable of curing certain diseases. This belief was most widely held up until the end of the eighteenth century, and was in fact the main use of crystals until that time. But such magical effects have never been scientifically demonstrated. Nevertheless, rather than the crystals, the information obtained from them has been crucial for understanding how drugs work, for producing them and for improving them. This interactive feature of the exhibition (1) aims to show the role that crystallography plays in pharmacology and how it contributes decisively to making it possible to develop new, more effective and safer drugs for the prevention and treatment of disease. This is the true healing power of crystals. Crystals don’t cure, what helps to cure is crystallography!In this installation you will find three slide projections on:

  • The role of crystallography in the development and production of pharmaceuticals.
  • Photographs of crystals of pharmacological compounds seen by microscope, courtesy of Prof. Ulrich Griesser).
  • The crystallographic structures of some of the active ingredients most used in pharmaceuticals.

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